Millions of Baby Boomer men
just like you suffer from a
health disorder that might explain…

Why your sex life has plummeted…
Why you’re tired so much of the time…
Why you’re losing your mental edge…
Why you’re bored, irritable, even depressed…

...but now, you can discover a safe
      and natural remedy to help

 get your mojo back once and for all.

Date:  Monday May 05, 2008

From:  Rick Popowitz

Dear Friend,

Are you not the same “MAN’s MAN ” you used to be? Do you wonder where it all went wrong?  Don’t worry—because you’re not alone.  Baby Boomer men from across the United States are feeling the exact same way.  And most don’t have a clue what to do about it.

Their doctors say it’s a part of normal aging.

And that’s the straight scoop, right? 

Not so fast!  The truth is, it doesn’t have to happen. 

So if you’ve noticed yourself slipping in recent years…both mentally and physically…just keep reading down this page.  Because you’re about to discover the surprising reason for your lost manhood—and exactly how you can get it back.

If you’re (check the ones that most apply to you):

Dragging yourself out of bed every morning…
Gaining weight in your midsection…
Experiencing problems with your erections….
Having trouble remembering things…
Eating more food or drinking more alcohol than usual…
Feeling achy, sore and stiff in your joints….
Losing interest in your sex life, your career, and pretty much everything else…

You might have a life-altering syndrome that affects Baby Boomer men starting at age 45.   It can ruin your health—and even your life.  But with a little help, you can:

Turbocharge your sex life,
increase your energy levels, and
get excited about life again

Hello, I’m Rick Popowitz, President of Biocentric Health, one of the leading nutritional supplement companies in the United States.   I founded my company with one mission in mind:  to develop all-natural solutions for your most pressing health concerns and offer you maximum health without the side effects of dangerous prescription drugs.

And speaking as someone who explores crucial medical issues on a daily basis, I can assure you with complete confidence.

It’s never too late to restore your manhood and regain your self-esteem. And you’ll find out exactly how in just a minute.

But first—why are you having these symptoms in the first place?

The answer is…you’re probably in the grip of manopause, the male equivalent of menopause (it’s also known scientifically as andropause).  After age 45, men start to lose testosterone and other raging male hormones. And once these hormones dry up, your sex drive becomes weaker, your erections become softer, and you start a slow, steady decline.

“Most men don’t want to hear it,”

says Marc Blackman, M.D.
Chief of endocrinology at Johns Hopkins Medical Center. 

“But male menopause is a real phenomenon.”

But why does this phenomenon occur? 

Actually, it’s an amazing twist of science…

As recently as 1900, the average male life span was just 47 years.  Now, medical science has artificially extended our lives to 80 years or beyond.  But here’s the bad news. According to Mother Nature, you’ve outlived your usefulness once you’ve reached your mid-forties.  Death is the next natural step.  So your body attempts to kill you by cutting off your supply of testosterone and other male hormones (also called androgens).

Interestingly enough, the exact same thing happens with women’s hormones during menopause.  But the treatment of women is light years ahead of the treatment for males.  In fact, your doctor might only be vaguely aware of manopause, if he knows about it at all.  Quite frankly—you might have to take matters into your own hands.  And you can!


Discover the most powerful
libido-enhancing supplement

Now, you can ramp up your male hormones to the levels you enjoyed in your sexual prime—without relying on hormone injections, patches, gels, or prescription creams.

Introducing Androx—the quick and easy way to restore your manhood.  Available only from BioCentric Health, this remarkable supplement is a combination of the world’s most powerful hormone-boosting ingredients.  And unlike hormone replacement therapy (which is typically given for abnormally depressed levels and can have unwanted side effects), Androx stimulates your body’s own production of testosterone, offering a safe and natural solution for your sagging libido. *

Sound good?  Most Baby Boomer men think so! 

Androx also increases DHEA (human growth hormone) and other important androgens in your body. Hundreds of human studies have shown the absolute necessity for sufficient levels of these hormones.  Together with testosterone, they restore your sexual prowess…rejuvenate your physical strength and energy…lift your spirits…help you stay fit and trim…and ward off premature aging and even untimely death.*

Yep, you’re back in business.

Because who wants to spend 10, 20, or even 30 years as an old man who’s outlived his usefulness?  Who wants to be put out to pasture when you’ve got so much left to give?  Instead, you can get back in the game and be a real player again.  Or even if you’re a younger man, you can take Androx for an extra lift in your workouts or in the bedroom.

“Unusually hard erections”

“I’ve had problems sustaining my erections.  It has been frustrating whenever it goes soft on me half way through and I could not control it at all.  I tried Androx and my erection was unusually hard and I lasted longer than I have in years.”**

J.R., San Francisco, CA

“Boosted my testosterone level”

“My doctor tested my testosterone level and asked what I’d been doing.  They were up over 50%!”**

Gary, 62

“Going at it day and night”

“I’ve gone from having sex once a week (or less), to three or four times a week.  On our last vacation in Mexico, my wife and I were at it almost every day and night.  It was like being on our honeymoon again.  No kidding!”**

Jim, 55


Simply put—it’s like turning
back your biological clock.

Androx is the real deal when it comes to restoring your youthful vitality and repairing your sex drive.  Hundreds of scientific studies from around the world have shown its effectiveness in lighting the sexual fires inside you and fanning the flames of your passion.  So when you pick Androx—you can be satisfied you’ve got a proven winner.**

And that’s quite a relief when you consider all the so-called “miracle cures” flooding the marketplace.  The ones that promise to “make you hard instantly” or “keep you going all night”.  In all fairness, a few of these products actually contain folk ingredients that do improve your sex life.  But most are worthless at best…and dangerous at worst.    

And you might be asking yourself—what about Viagra?
If I want to restore my manhood—won’t that do the trick?

It’s a common belief—one shared by thousands of mainstream doctors.  But the facts tell a different story.

“An impressive product”

“Androx is an impressive product.  It’s ability to stimulate the body into producing more testosterone makes it perfect for every man who wants to boost his sexual response, improve his physical appearance, brighten his moods, and slow the rate at which his body is aging.”**

 Steven Lamm, M.D.

Dr. Steven Lamm is the author of The Hardness Factor (Harper Collins, 2005) and a faculty member at New York University School of Medicine as well as a panel physician for the New York State Athletic Commission.  He is known to millions as the house doctor on the popular TV show “The View” and has appeared on “Oprah” and “Lifetime Today”.

Manopause vs. Erectile Dysfunction:
They are NOT the same!

The truth is, many traditional doctors attempt to treat manopause with ED drugs. These ED drugs improve your erections, but they don’t increase your male hormones.  They don’t increase your arousal or heighten your passion either.  Only sufficient testosterone can do that. So you might want to consider a daily dose of Androx instead. 

With Androx, you can: 

  • Achieve longer, firmer erections and sustain a powerful sex drive…*
  • Boost your brain’s ability to send chemicals that trigger arousal…*
  • Ramp up your muscle formation and improve your muscle tone…*
  • Boost your metabolism, your strength, and your stamina…*
  • Elevate your mood, improve your disposition, and lift your depression…*
  • Protect yourself from age-related disorders like heart disease or diabetes…*

Result:  you look and feel like a completely new man.  Vital male hormones are coursing through your body, pumping you full of energy and propelling you through each day with a renewed vigor.  And how about your sex life?  Yep, it’s back and better than ever.  You’re ready to roll at the drop of a hat.  You’re loving…spontaneous…and satisfied.*

“Have “the urge” more often”

“My wife and I started taking Androx about a month ago.  After a few days, we noticed a wonderful difference in how much extra energy we seemed to have…especially in bed.  Both of us have “the urge” more often and our passion is much more pronounced.  Since we both have so much energy, we both have gone back to working out (something we stopped doing years ago)…We are looking forward to losing weight together and getting back in shape.  If I had known it could be this easy, I would have started taking Androx years ago.  Please send another month’s supply right away!”**

Mr. and Mrs. L.B., Naples, FL

“Gives me a boost”

“This stuff gives me a kind of boost that makes me want to be more active.  Awesome feeling!”**

Karl, 43

“Extra power in my workouts”

“Androx gives me extra power and strength in my workouts, so I’m able to go the extra mile…literally.  My strength and endurance has increased dramatically.”**

Jason, 33

Four of the world’s most potent
sex-stimulating ingredients

As a natural supplement, Androx puts the “oomph” back in your relationship—without the side effects from prescription drugs.  And boy, is this formula powerful. Androx contains four of the most effective sex-boosting ingredients on the planet, ones chosen specifically by Biocentric Health for their safety, effectiveness, and history of results.*

Just take two capsules of Androx every day and you get:
Tongkat AliThe Secret Key To Higher Testosterone

Tongkat ali is the primary ingredient in Androx.  Since the early 1700s, this root found in Malaysia and Southeast Asia has been a popular folk remedy for sexual desire and impotence.  And now the research is proving its effectiveness. 

Dr. Johari Saad invented the process for extracting tongkat ali (patented as LJ100) and wanted to test it.  He performed a study on this remarkable substance with  Dr. Ismail Tamby, one of Southeast Asia’s foremost experts on sexual health.  And the findings were astounding!  The men discovered that tongkat extract boosted testosterone in impotent and manopausal men by 120%!

And other scientists have confirmed the power of tongkat ali.  14 separate human studies have shown that tongkat extract raises men’s libido by 91%...improves their sexual performance by 73%...and increases their self-confidence by 82%!* 

CordycepsThe Secret Herb That “Turns You On”

This amazing mushroom is one of the most treasured herbs in Chinese medicine.  It’s also extremely rare since it grows wild in the Himalayas.  Cordyceps has the remarkable ability to transform sexual images in your brain into actual hormonal impulses.  So whenever you think about sex—your body responds accordingly!
The aphrodisiac qualities of Cordyceps were proven by studies performed at the Beijing Medical University in China and in Japan.  Scientists found a 64% success rate among men suffering from impotence.  Pretty amazing stuff.

As an added benefit, Cordyceps sharpens your mind and your memory…. stimulates your body’s natural production of hormones…and keeps your hormones in balance.  And since it’s a mushroom, you’ll be happy to know that this ingredient is completely safe.*

EpimediumFor Longer, Harder Erections

This unique herb is another cornerstone of Chinese medicine.  Also known as “horny goat weed”, it’s been used since 200 B.C. to improve erectile function.

In fact, it uses the exact same mechanism as Viagra.  The strength and firmness of an erection depends on the level of nitric oxide in your body.  This unique chemical relaxes muscles and blood vessels in your penis, allowing it to fill with blood.  But if you don’t have enough, you won’t get hard, no matter what you do.  So Epimedium ensures you always have enough nitric oxide to get an erection.

Not only that, Epimedium increases your testosterone…ramps up your sexual desire…strengthens the muscles at the base of your penis…and prevents blood from leaking out of your penis and deflating your erection.*

Tribulus:  The Energy Booster That Athletes Rely On

Manopause can cause a dramatic drop in your energy.  But this powerful herb gives it right back to you.  In fact, world champion athletes have been taking tribulus for decades to increase their strength and stamina.

It was proven in a 20-year study performed by the Bulgarian government.  The Bulgarian weight lifting team was given tribulus to see the effects.  The result was record-shattering success in Olympic competition during the 1980s. 

In a separate study, 75% of athletes tested showed a remarkable increase in endurance—while 80% reported a stronger libido and better sexual performance.
It’s also important to note that none of them reported any adverse side effects.

So if you want to have unlimited energy after age 45…and you want to stay slim, muscular and sexually attractive, you want to have tribulus on your team.*

Alone, these ingredients are powerful.  Taken together, they’re unstoppable.  And you can get every single one in Androx—the leading hormone-enhancing, libido-boosting natural supplement.  Both scientists and doctors agree…Androx is the ticket for Baby Boomer men.  It can free you once and for all from life-changing bonds of manopause.*




“A new lease on life”

“I just had to write to say how much better I feel since starting on Androx.  I thought “male menopause” was a bunch of baloney, but when I read your report on “Surviving Manopause” it was like looking in the mirror.  I thought I was just getting old.  Now I know better.  Your product has given me a new lease on life.”**

Ted, New York City

“Androx reversed my symptoms”

.“I’ve been an athlete all my life, but when I turned 52 I hit a roadblock.  First came a shoulder injury, followed by a heart condition, then a hernia—all within two years!  Then I experienced prolonged back pain, followed by a diagnosis of osteoarthritis.  I felt my world was falling apart.  As a result, I started gaining weight, lost my sexual urge, and felt depressed about life.  But then I started taking Androx.  I just had my testosterone checked and it is above 1200 (normal “high” is 800)—and my PSA is 2.4!”**

James, 58.


Now, you can get Androx
for less that $1.00 a day

androxUsually, a 6-month supply of Androx is a bargain at $281.40.  But if you order today, you get the same 6 month supply for just $179.95 (a 39% savings off the regular price).

That’s less than $1.00 a day for this remarkable supplement.  Most people pay five times that much for a sandwich, chips, and soda at the lunch counter. 

      Such a small price to pay for a sex-boosting supplement that helps you:

  • Get back in the saddle again.  With Androx at your disposal, you can maintain longer, harder erections—and enjoy red-hot, frequent and spontaneous sex…*
  • Satisfy your partner in bed.  No more false starts.  No more lame excuses.   You’re body’s responding like a champ—and man, are you relieved!*
  • Boost your strength and stamina.  You don’t have to feel old before your time.  With a daily dose of Androx, you can restore your youthful vim and vigor…*
  • Improve your mind and memory.  You’re sharp as a tack again.  And you can even remember the little things—like where you left your car keys!*
  • Ramp up your self-confidence.   You look…act…and feel…like a younger version of yourself.  And your friends and family notice a big difference too!*

And that’s not all!  With Androx, you can:

  • Take back your personal power.  You don’t have to spend the next 10, 20 or 30 years as a worn-out afterthought.  Instead, you’re a force to be reckoned with.*
  • Say goodbye to tummy flab and love handles.  With Androx, you can lose weight more easily than you could before—and keep it off more easily too!*
  • Recover more quickly from exercise.  You won’t have to skip that game of tennis or that jog tomorrow because you feel so achy from today’s workout.*
  • Prevent life-threatening health problems.  If you reverse your low testosterone, you can avoid health traumas like heart disease…Alzheimers… diabetes…chronic .....fatigue…osteoporosis… dementia…depression…and even premature death…*
  • Live your life to the fullest.  You’ve finally got the time and money to do the things you want.  But do you feel good enough to enjoy them?  Now, you can!*

So why not make sure that Androx is at your fingertips every single day?  You can get your first supply today.  And you’ll also receive four free gifts with your order (a $66.80 value—yours free).  Here’s what you’ll receive when you order Androx right now…

Free Gift #1
The eye-opening free report
“How To Survive Manopause”
A $19.95 value—yours free

You may not have heard about manopause yet—and that’s not surprising. Quite frankly, the medical establishment is still clueless about the negative impact of plummeting testosterone and other male hormones. And Baby Boomer men are the ones paying the price. Because left unchecked, male menopause can ruin your health—and your life.

In this free report, you’ll discover:   

  • Proof positive that manopause is real  (wait until you see the evidence)…
  • How to recognize hidden symptoms that silently plague you…
  • Why prescription drugs like Viagra are not the answer…
  • The real truth about testosterone and your prostate…
  • Deadly disorders caused by manopause—and how you can avoid them..
  • And much, much more!

Free Gift #2
The remarkable free report
“Lose Your Gut”
A $19.95 value—yours free

You know that being overweight is directly related to medical conditions that kill men in their prime. But did you know excess weight could kill your erections?

            It’s true!  Studies show that 80% of all men with erection problems have too much fat.  But when men lose weight, their erections returned in full force! So why not take the pounds off—and get your sex life back now?  It’s much easier and quicker with the information you get in this report.  You can discover:     

  • Unlikely foods that pack on the pounds…and surprising ones that don’t…
  • The little-known problem with “typical” American meals….
  • The health marker that’s the difference between flabby and fit…
  • How to quickly turn your unsightly stomach into solid rock…
  • Why having a large gut can make you depressed (and it’s not the reason you might think)…
  • And much, much more!

Free Gift #3
The “hot-off-the-presses” free report
“Cancer Proof Your Prostate”
A $19.95 value—yours free

Did you know the prostate is the most frequently diseased organ in the male body?  Are you prepared to ward off these diseases like prostate cancer, a lethal killer of Baby Boomer men?  Simply put—every man above the age of 45 must have the information in this astounding free report.  It could be the difference between life and death.
In this eye-opening report, you’ll discover:

  • How to stop frequent bathroom trips—especially in the middle of the night…
  • How to boost your prostate protection with vegetables and supplements…
  • How to turn on your prostate’s “cancer protection” gene…
  • Losing weight—and the hidden benefits for a healthy prostate…
  • How to clobber hormone problems—before they clobber you…
  • And much, much more!

Free Gift #4
Biocentric Health covers
the shipping and handling
a $6.95 value—your free

You heard right.  You pay nothing for shipping and handling.  Absolutely nothing. 

Add it up for yourself.  That’s just $66.80 in free gifts just for giving Androx a fair try.

Not only that, you can get Androx with a 100% no-hassles guarantee.

Biocentric Health’s
100% NO-RISK
Full Money Back Guarantee

“I guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with the results you get from your first supply of Androx, or I will send you a FULL REFUND of every cent you paid with no questions asked.  Simply return the unused portion within 90 days and that ends the matter.  Please keep the FREE Report(s) with my thanks for your interest.”

rick popowitz
Rick Popowitz
Biocentric Health Inc.


YES! I want to get my mojo back.

Please rush my first supply of Androx today.  I understand that if I’m not completely satisfied with the results for any reason, I will receive a full refund with no questions asked.


Please send me a 6-month supply for just $179.95.  This represents a 37% savings off the regular price.  My shipping and handling are FREE (a $6.95 value).  I will also receive 3 FREE REPORTS which are mine to keep even if I return the unused portion of my order for a full refund.

6 month supply of Androx normally sold for


Please send me a 3-month supply for just $99.75.  My shipping and handling are FREE (a $6.95 value).  This represents a 27% savings off the regular price.  I will receive 2 FREE REPORTS which are mine to keep even if I return the unused portion of my order for a full refund.

3 month supply of Androx normally sold for


Please send me a 1-month supply for just $39.95 (plus $6.95 for shipping and handling) $46.90 total, along with the FREE REPORT, “Surviving Manopause” which is mine to keep even if I return the unused portion of my order for a full refund. 



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